The Blocks are a collection of manipulated images of eponymous housing estates, built on dried marshland in Belgrade in the 1950s and 1960s. These buildings were to house government offices, but also became – fuelled by highly socialist idealism – home to thousands of Belgrade citizens. The Blocks, as these buildings have come to be known, are a series of imposing, monolithic structures adhering in their design to the strict functional edicts of architects such as Le Corbusier. In a similar fashion to the monuments of Beker's earlier works, the Blocks have a whiff of Communism about them. But by situating the core form of each building again on a plain grey background, as with his War and Liberation Monuments series, Beker transforms each building from the everyday and utilitarian, to a patterned form that have a delicate beauty about them. He also, as with earlier work, successfully re-presents a familiar image as something toy-like and benign.

Peter Bonnell